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Just Cause 3: Sky Fortress Trophies Are Live

The trophies for Just Cause 3’s first piece of DLC are live on the ol’ PS of N and we have them for you right here. The DLC itself is called Sky Fortress and it will release next week, on the 8th of March. If you’re at all interested in taking Sky Fortress for a spin on a PlayStation 4 near you it will set you back a grand total of $12/€12/£9.50, or if you want to get it along with all future DLC the season pass will cost you $25/€25/£20.

As for Sky Fortress’ trophies there are seven in total. That’s one gold, one silver and five bronze. The trophies range from beating the DLC to completing all of its challenges with five Gears. There’s also one for defeating a ‘Old Friend’, whoever that may be. Anyway, we’ve posted three screenshots down below so you can check out all of the trophies for yourself.



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