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PSX 2017: Killing Floor: Incursion Coming to PSVR, Releasing 2018

PSVR owners are being treated really well this year, aren’t they? This year’s PSX has been chock full of announcements, and the latest coming from Anaheim is that Killing Floor Incursion will be getting a PSVR release.

Killing Floor Incursion was originally only released for PC virtual reality headsets, but it’s now making the jump to console VR. The PSVR edition will release with the full story mode, as well as the extra modes available. There will also be maps made exclusively for PS4/PSVR.

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The developer boasted on stage that players will be able to use all available limbs to survive. That means enemy limbs, too. If you chop a monster’s head off, you can pick it up and throw it at other enemies. Gruesome, no?

One of the extra modes in Killing Floor: Incursion for PSVR is Holdout, an Endless Horde mode with leaderboards so that you can compare scores and times with strangers and friends alike. According to the developer, it’s different from how Killing Floor 2 plays out with over-the-top arcade action being the main focus.

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