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King’s Quest for PS4/PS3 is Reduced on UK/EU PSN

It’s that time of week again where Sony updates the European PlayStation Store with a new Deal of the Week offer. Last week’s was EA’s UFC 2 but the time has come for a new one to take its place.

The Deal of the Week for this week is King’s Quest. In fact, there’s more than just one deal related to the episodic series. The first episode is completely free for all to try while King’s Quest: The Complete Collection is down to £23.99 on both PS3 and PS4, offering a saving of 25% while King’s Quest: Season Pass is down to £19.99.

We’re sure that there will be a few more deals added to what’s already on offer, so be sure to check back in with Pure PlayStation and we’ll do our best to help you save a few quid/dollars/beans.


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