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Konrad the Kitten Adds a Cute Halloween Event

It’s a time for games to get spooky, and Konrad the Kitten is joining in the action. With update 1.4, the developer is adding new lighting, new music, and new items to set a scary atmosphere. I guess scary is a stretch unless you consider a kitten wearing a witches’ hat and riding a broom terrifying.

The atmosphere will certainly feel like Halloween in the cemetery. Bats will fly through the sky, so be sure to keep your virtual pet close amidst the gravestones and pumpkins.

Konrad the Kitten gives you the chance to raise and play with your own virtual kitten. You can feed him, dress him up in clothes, and put him the litter box in VR. You can read about our adventures in digital pet ownership in our review from earlier this year.

If you want to experience the event, you only have until the end of the month.


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