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Last Members of Agents of Mayhem Are the Toughest

Dubbed the carnage a trois, the last team in Agents of Mayhem is anything but subtle. They like cursing, explosions, using big guns, and they are not only good at killing off members of LEGION, they love it. If you are looking to make an entrance, and stealth is not really your forte, this is the heavily armed team for you.

They are Braddock, Daisy, and Yeti. We are guessing Braddock is a female version of Chuck Norris with the patriotism and the ability to dish out punishment to match. Daisy is all attitude and a chaingun, but a bad attitude has yet to fire a hundred rounds a minute. Yeti is a cross between the Russian from Rocky IV and Batman’s Mr. Freeze.

Agents of Mayhem is rigged to explode on the PS4 on August 18th, and we cannot wait to see how this new franchise lets us indulge in explosions, guns, and well…general mayhem.

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