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LawBreakers PS4 Update 1.04 Fixes Game-Breaking Hitching Bug

LawBreakers released yesterday with a pretty nasty bug that’s been causing players to pull their precious hair from their heads. The bug in question causes the game to freeze for up to half a second at a time and seriously ruins the flow of what should be a fast-paced arena shooter.

Thankfully Boss Key Productions, the developers behind the game, have taken note of player frustration and have fast-tracked a patch that has released today. The update, version 1.04, fixes the game’s hitching problem almost completely. We’ve given the game a spin since the update dropped a couple of hours ago and it’s been nothing but plain sailing (and lots of deaths…).

So, if you’re getting stuck into LawBreakers, we suggest closing the game down and installing the update as soon as possible. Skip work if you have to.

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Boss Key Productions Press Release

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