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League of War: VR Arena Brings Strategic Combat to PSVR on November 7th

MunkyFun has announced today that it will be releasing League of War: VR to PlayStation VR on November 7th, 2017. But, er, what is League of War: VR Arena?

Yeah, before we got the press release through on email, we didn’t know what the heck League of War: VR Arena was at all. That’s partly because the studio behind the game, MunkyFun, hasn’t really spoken about it until today.

“League of War: VR Arena will turn your living room into an intense virtual battlefield that combines the immersion of VR with the immediacy of head-to-head competition,” said Nick Pavis, CEO and Co-founder of MunkyFun, Inc.“With one player on the headset and the other playing via the TV screen, it’s a throwback to classic strategy combat where you can’t hide behind a screenname—win or lose, your opponent will be right next to you!”

The game is a tabletop war game where you place units on the battlefield and attempt to beat your opponents. There’s a single player campaign along with an Arcade mode to keep you going for a while, but then there’s the very interesting local multiplayer. In local multiplayer one player uses the PSVR headset while the second player used the TV and the PSVR’s Social Screen output.

In this mode players go head to head, though it’s only for local multiplayer at the moment. It’s an interesting idea to use the under utilised Social Screen for multiplayer and we’re looking forward to giving it a go.

League of War: VR Arena will release exclusively on PSVR this November 7th for $19.99/€19.99/£15.99. Hey, look, the Brexit crap hasn’t ruined gaming yet!

Does League of War: VR Arena sound like a good fit for your living room? Who will you do battle with? Mum and Dad? Some random guy off the street? The postman? Fire a volley of comments down below.


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