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Learn about the Sights and Sounds of Rime in the 2nd Dev Diary

In the latest dev diary for RiME, they delve into the effort and significance behind the colors, art, music, and sound in their upcoming game. They start with the art and architecture. For the art styles, they have a bible for their entire world that dictates how every part should look, with clear representations of how fire should be structured and how different times of day impact the world.

The architecture in the game received the same attention. It is an amalgamation of multiple styles that borrows from multiple cultures. They wanted to create a world that felt mysterious, but it would still be somewhat recognizable to the player.

Since it is critical for a game without spoken dialogue to communicate, the music in RiME can change depending on your actions. The world and the sound has been designed to convey emotion just as much as the visuals, and the sounds are pulled from anywhere. The diary video shows the composer in a swimming pool with a microphone capturing the sounds of the water as he splashes in different ways.

This is obviously a labor of love for them, and every action is painstakingly deliberate. We will see if all that pool time was worth it when RiME launches on May 26th.

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Gray Box Press Release

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