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Learn How to Control Skyrim VR in Developer Video

We love PSVR, and Skyrim is the biggest (over 100 hours for even a casual completist) game to grace Sony’s most immersive add-on. It’s no surprise that we would be glued to a VR helmet casting spells, hacking and slashing, and striking from cover to bring you our thoughts.

Because of the differences in how it plays, you may be asking yourself how to control it. A new video from two Bethesda employees show the differences in the methods of control and where in the options you can make the adjustments. You can always use a DualShock controller. It’s like the first time you played Skrim, but with more comfort and shorter battery life.

The PS Move allows you to use the teleportation method which will move your existence from place to place. You can also the same controller to enable you to smoothly walk over the hills and ruins.

The options let you tailor the game to your own personal style and whatever feels best. To us, this is a great idea for a lot of VR games. Give us more options, let us tailor the game to what we want and need. We will decide the best way for us to Fus Ro Dah through the world.

Check out the trailer for some tips, and be sure to let us know in the comments how you are enjoying your time in Skyrim.


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