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Left Alive Brings Giant Mech Combat Next March

Giant mechs? Check. Melodrama set in a ruined world? Check. Alright, Left Alive. You have my attention.

The future world in Left Alive has been ripped apart, and people want to kill each other. The year 2127 has given them giant mechs, called Wanzers, to do the job. Set in the fictional Novo Slava, the war begins as one county invades and the lives of three people intersect in one story.

We don’t have any info on those characters yet, but the choices you make will impact the story. The example given is whether to rescue some hostages, or whether to slip by the encounter undetected. In a warzone, supplies are limited, if you help them, you might hurt yourself, or they might wind up dead. If you choose to help, you can be stealthy or go in guns a’blazin’.

Left Alive has some talent at the developmental wheel. The game is being directed by Toshifumi Nabeshima of the Armored Core series, so there is prior mecha experience. The mechs were designed by Yoji Shinkawa and Takayuki Yanase. They have worked at Kojima Productions and on Xenoblade Chronicles X respectively.

Left Alive is coming March 5th. If your blood is already pumping at the chance to enter the cockpit of a mech, let me put you over the edge. There is a special edition exclusively being sold by the Square Enix e-store. It will have an art book, ammo, armor, and recovery packs with some exclusive weapons. The big draw though is the Volk Action Figure. It’s a Wanzer with accessories and interchangeable hands and weapons. It will run you $159.99 USD.

For now, we have a double helping of trailers for Left Alive at the top and bottom, so you can see what to expect before its release on March 5th.


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