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Lichtspeer Releasing in September. AIM. SHOOT. KILL. DIE. THE LICHTGODS DEMAND IT

If you ever wanted to kill hipster and new age creatures with a spear in an futuristic world then you’re in luck. Poland developer, Litchthund, is releasing an action arcade lightspear-throwing simulator titled Lichtspeer. It takes place in a future reminiscent of 1980’s sci-fi and has enemies such as Penguin Vikings, Wurst Zombies, Hipster Ice Giants, and more. You control the Germonaut. An ancient champion with a deadly spear for a weapon who has been summoned to please gods and restore balance to the universe. Still with me?

There’s no specific date but Lichtspeer is expected to release next month for the PlayStation 4. However, it’s the only ancient Germanic future lighting action game you need in 2016.

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Lichthund Press Release

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