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Light Tracer Announced for PSVR With First Trailer, Releasing in September

There’s yet another PSVR game on the way from the prolific publisher, Oasis Games. The latest jaunt comes in the form of Light Tracer, a platformer built specifically for VR.

Oasis Games has released the first trailer for the game that shows us what it looks like in action. We can see from the trailer, which is up above, that you’ll control the main character by using the PS Move wand to shine a light. Wherever your light shines is where the little person on the screen will go. It seems pretty straightforward, though we can’t really comment any further as we’ve not played the game yet.

However, we expect we’ll be bringing you a review sometime around the game’s release this September. There isn’t a confirmed date as of yet, just the September window. We’re gonna guess September 12th. Hey, the odds are only 1/31…


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