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Lightfield is the Latest Futuristic Sci-Fi Racer for PS4, Coming September 26th

We’ve had a few recent games that have attempted to fill the WipEout/F-Zero shaped hole in our gaming lives. Unfortunately none have come close, though we’ve got a feeling that Lightfield may be the best contender yet, and that’s because it’s actually taking the formula and spinning it on its head. Literally.

Lightfield is described by the developers, Lost in the Garden, as a “hyper futuristic racing game with a parkour twist”. That means you won’t just be going in a straight line or dipping past obstacles or taking on sick jumps, but you’ll be racing however you see fit. According to the developers, being able to drive on anything within sight is the game’s key feature. To be fair, it does help it stand out from the clone filled crowd.

There are some worthwhile GIFs worth taking a look at over on the official PlayStation Blog post by the team, as well as some additional information for those who are interested in what goes into designing such a trippy looking game.

Lightfield will be releasing on September 26th on the PSN for PS4. As usual, we’ll do our best to bring you a review around the time of the game’s release.


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