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Live Action Trailer for The Town of Light Shows the Seriousness of Their Narrative

There is a new live action trailer for The Town of Light, and it is heavy. The entire trailer is in black and white, and it shows the fictional Renee fighting with her own inner demons in the asylum. Along with shots of the facility and Renee, there are other images showing the mess of rot and disrepair that it has become. The developers are clearly setting the stage for a serious story.

That story is about Renee, a 16-year-old girl. After being abused at home, she is locked away in an asylum in Italy. Although she is fictional, the story is set at the now closed Volterra Psychiatric Asylum in Tuscany, and the accounts of actual patients were used in creating the narrative for the game.

She must explore the facility, solve puzzles, and deal with the most dangerous monsters most of us will ever face – the monsters in our own minds and of our own making. The game will attempt to portray her struggle with mental illness in a realistic way.

This girl’s journey will obviously be darker, giving it an M rating in North America. This game deals with the mental illness of its protagonist in a very different way than normal, and we are interested to see the developer’s choices in what and how to present the narrative.

The Town of Light will be available on the PS4 on June 6th.


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