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Looks Like Far Cry 5 is All About Hillbilly Warfare, Maybe Even Planes

Ubisoft has revealed today some key art for its upcoming Far Cry 5. And guess what? We were wrong… When we reported on the Far Cry 5 teaser trailers earlier this week, we said that if we were betting people, we’d wager a guess that Far Cry 5 would be set in the Old West. Well, it looks like we would have lost our 50 pence, but not by much.

The key art that Ubisoft has released today on Twitter shows what we imagine is the game’s main antagonist along with a group of hillbillys in a recreation of the famous Jesus painting, The Last Supper.

Now the image is actually rather interesting for a few reasons. For one, it looks like Far Cry 5 may have aerial combat in the form of planes. In the background of the released image we can see a couple of small propeller planes flying around. Seems silly to have them in the promo materials if they’re not in the final game, right?

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Then there’s the wolf sitting at the bottom right of the picture with a big red cross painted across its face. This could mean that some of the features found in Far Cry: Primal may make their way into Far Cry 5, though we obviously can’t be 100% sure on that until Ubisoft actually shows us more of the game.

Rumour has it that the game centres around a cult and its leader being a bit of a villain. Naturally we assume the dude with the piss-coloured shades is the villain of Far Cry 5’s story. Again, we can’t be sure. And no, we’re not willing to place any bets. We can’t risk losing that precious 50p…

All will be revealed when Ubisoft officially pulls back the veil of secrecy this Friday, May 26th. We’ll keep you up to date with all the news and information as it comes through.

Has your interested been roused by the teaser trailers and now this image? Or are you sick to the rockets of Far Cry? Make your mark in the comments section below.

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