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Los Angeles Rams Running Back, Todd Gurley, Now Brand Ambassador For Gamefly

Well here’s something no one saw coming. According to a press release from Gamefly, Todd Gurley, is its new brand ambassador. For those that don’t know Todd Gurley is the running back for the recently transported NFL Rams team. Gamefly of course being the video game rental site where you can get PlayStation games, among others, in the mail for a monthly fee. This agreement will see the 2015 NFL offensive rookie of the year appear in all brand marketing. That means he’ll appear in commercials alongside video games, Gamefly’s social media, and even make public appearances for certain campaigns.

If you’re like us you’re probably wondering why Mr. Gurley? Turns out he’s a gamer! Video games are one of his favorite activities off the football field. Although it would be fun to know if he plays Madden as himself. Sadly, that was not in the press release. The Gamefly CEO, Dave Hodess, also had this to say.

“Todd Gurley is a versatile NFL athlete and a real gamer. We’re excited to collaborate with Todd because he gets so much enjoyment out of games and his enthusiasm for the product is so obvious.”


What are you thoughts on this “out of left field” collaboration? Do you use Gamefly or have an opinion on the Rams moving from St. Louis to Los Angeles? Let us know down below!



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