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Mafia 3 Developer Expands AAA Development With UK-Based Studio

The studio behind the Marmite Mafia 3 is expanding with a fourth studio. The latest studio to come under the umbrella of Hangar 13 is a studio based in Brighton, UK, that used to go by the name of Black Rock Studios.

Black Rock shut its doors in 2011, but since then the studio has remained open in some fashion as an indie label. It will no longer be an indie as it is joining the Hangar 13 studios to help out in future AAA development plans.

“This is a specific choice for us,” Hangar 13’s Andy Wilson said. “It’s actually based on the fact that Nick and I used to work together at Black Rock, going back longer than I am prepared to say. At GDC last year we met up, and Nick had formed a smallish studio with some of our former colleagues from the Split/Second team. They were interested in getting back into console development. Back then we needed a partner for some contracting work, so we started out that way. As the year went on, things were going well and it became apparent we had a big opportunity, because Brighton and the South East has this vast pool of talent, with console experience, but there’s a lack of console development going on in the UK.

Even though I personally really liked Mafia 3, I assumed that because of its poor reception and poor sales, Hangar 13 would be scaling back instead of growing. Rumour has it that some in Hangar 13 are working on a brand new BioShock game, so perhaps this is what the new studio will be put to work on? We’ll have to wait and see.


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