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March’s PS Plus Titles Have Been Revealed

We’re a little late to the party this time for the simple reason all of our writers have been very busy outside of Pure PlayStation this week, remember we’re looking for new writers to help out! However, as you probably know by now March’s PS Plus titles have been revealed. We already knew one of the games would be Broforce because it won the Vote to Play event, which was held last week. The entire list of games is down below, we’re not overly impressed but PS Plus is bound to have the odd off month every now and again.

  • Borforce (PS4)
  • Galak-Z (PS4)
  • Super Stardust HD (PS3)
  • The Last Guy (PS3)
  • Flame Over (PS Vita)
  • Reality Fighters (PS Vita)

March’s PS Plus line-up will become available on the 1st of March. We also noticed that on top of a weaker line-up than usual none of the games are cross-buy, for example Flame Over is available on both PS4 and PS Vita but Plus is only offering it on Vita. On the bright side a PS Plus exclusive Hitman open beta is coming on March 4th and if the game you voted for in Vote to Play did not win it will arrive on the PS Store with a 30% discount in March.

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