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Marvel Heroes Omega Announces Local Co-op as Closed Beta Begins

Gazillion’s Marvel Heroes Omega enters closed beta on the PS4 today and the developer/publisher have announced that the game will be getting a drop-in/drop-out couch co-op mode for the console versions. You’ll be able to use the co-op mode in the beta too, and those who purchased a ‘founders pack’ will be able to access the game from today.

Marvel Heroes Omega released last year on PC and the Diablo style ARPG based in the Marvel universe has gained some popularity for the huge roster of Marvel Heroes and Villains on show, the loot and character progression systems, and the replay value of this free to play title.

It’s worth noting that while the title will be free to play on release, there will be a lot of pay gated content in the game if the PC pricing structure is carried over. We already know that the individual character packs currently sold as the ‘founders packs’ (which also guarantee closed beta access and other in-game items) are retailing at £14.99 on the PlayStation Store or £49.99 as a bundle. The closed beta period runs until May 15th, after which there will be an open beta before the game’s eventual release which is currently only specified as sometime this Spring.

Are you excited to see Marvel Heroes Omega on PS4? Worried this will be little more than a microtransaction-heavy cash grab? Give us your take down in the comments!


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