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Marvel May Have Spoiled Insomniac’s E3 Spider-Man Surprise

After the announcement at last year’s E3, we knew that Insomniac was working on a title that starred everyone’s favorite web-slinger. Thanks to a live-stream (video on Reddit) with Marvel Digital Media’s VP, Ryan Penagos, it may be 2017. Specifically, he said, “There’s even more on the horizon for 2017 like Spider-Man coming to PlayStation 4 and Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite coming to Xbox One, PS4, and PC.”

After being asked on Twitter, Insomniac was quick to tweet that they have not announced a timeframe for the game to be released.

This “no comment” response only fuels our suspicions, especially since companies are already locking down their release windows for the rest of the year. With E3 coming in just a few short months, we are bound to have some leaks, and, although the VP at Marvel may have misspoken, we are going to continue to hope that he let the spider out of the bag early.

We do not know much about Insomiac’s upcoming Spider-Man game, but it will contain a more mature, experienced Peter Parker who has spent some time in the suit. This will be an original story, and it is one of the most anticipated exclusive games for the PS4.

Do you think this was a mistake on Marvel’s part, or are you already starting to check the couch cushions for some money to purchase the game later this year? In the comments, let us know how believable you think the rumor run-up to E3 will be this year.


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