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Marvel’s Spider-Man Sold a Staggering 3.3 Million Copies in Its First Three Days

We all know by now that the Insomniac-developed Marvel’s Spider-Man for PS4 is a top game. It was critically acclaimed by, er, critics (including us, here’s our review!) and players have been gobsmacked since release day.

What’s more is that the game’s quality has translated into some pretty amazing sales figures. According to USA Today, Marvel’s Spider-Man sold a whopping 3.3 million copies during its first three days of release. To put that into perspective, God of War on PS4 sold 3.1 million in its first three days.

It bodes well for the future of the franchise, then, and the money men at Sony, Insomniac, and Marvel will no doubt be plotting a course for future successes.

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USA Today

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