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Meet Alena, Kiryl, and Torneko of Dragon Quest Heroes II

Dragon Quest Heroes II has fifteen different characters, and today they dropped a trailer for the last three. All of them hail from Dragon Quest IV, so there may be an old favorite in here.

Torneko the trader is the first to burst into the trailer, and he has many different weapons, including a tune on his trumpet that appears to make enemies attack each other. He seems to move quickly for a pleasantly plump guy, and he has a sweet mustache.

As a little life advice from us to you, if you ever have a chance to have a conversation with a fat guy with a sweet mustache, jump at the chance. It will always be really interesting, unless he is offering you a “free ride” in his windowless van or a chance to star in some “indie films” with higher than average nudity. Other than that, it will be stellar.

The last two characters are Kiryl the Lancer and Alena, the Queen of Combos. Alena is a brawler, and Kiryl appears to occupy more of a support role.

You can pick your favorite characters when Dragon Quest Heroes II begins its grand adventure on the PS4 on April 25th.

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