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Meet Renee in The Town of Light

In the newest trailer, we meet Renee, the main character in The Town of Light, and we learn more about her bleak life. After being raised by an abusive mother, she is committed to a mental institution. Unfortunately, this institution was in Italy in the 1920s, and the images portray a very dark and miserable place.

The Town of Light takes us into the mind of Renee. As she is locked into this world, it can be scary, but the game is not about a supernatural monster. It is focused on the experiences of human beings. It is trying to use a fictional story in a game to talk about mental illness in a time and place that actually existed.

The game is not necessarily made to be fun, but this one has us intrigued. If it is done well, there is the potential to really do something a little different that can move the player emotionally, and we can always use a good story.

The Town of Light will come to the PS4 later this year.


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