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Megaton Rainfall PSVR Update 1.03 Fixes Game Crashing Issues

Megaton Rainfall is a great game. Heck, we even said so in our recent review for the superhero-inspired release. It’s not without its problems, though, and some of those only came to be after a recent software update.

Update 1.01 for Megaton Rainfall caused the game to crash randomly, sending would-be Supermen and Superladies crashing back to the harsh reality of the real world. No fun.

Thankfully, Megaton Rainfall’s developer has released a new update today with version 1.03. The new update, according to the developer, fixes most instances of the game crashing. So while you may be unlucky and have a few crashes here and there, it should be far better than it was after update 1.01 released.

Vocal players haven’t just complained about crashes either. A bug appeared after update 1.01 that caused the grounds to lose their textures, resulting in entire cities having no floor, just a bottomless pit to the centre of nowhere. Bleak, no? It’s all a little more cheery now as the update also fixes that nasty little bug.


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