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Metal Gear Survive Release Date Crawls Out of a Cardboard Box Next Year

Metal Gear Survive is the first title to be released without Hideo Kojima at the helm or playing as someone named Snake or Boss. On February 22nd in Europe or the 20th in North America, you can decide if it was a good or bad thing.

Picking up from the end of Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, you and other soldiers are swept into a wormhole. Your new surroundings look like a combination of Metal Gear and The Walking Dead, so use that training you received to sneak and kill your way to safety with a variety of new weapons, as well as some tools of the trade from your previous universe.

How will you spend your time when you are not trying to find a way home or killing the creatures that are trying to kill you? The game will focus on resource management, base development (try to keep it from blowing up this time), and raising animals and crops. So, Metal Gear Farming with Solid Sharecropper?

You will need to scrounge for everything. Like Rick Grimes, you will be looking for new materials for the crafting system, and food and water are not optional accessories. Those fulton balloons, walker gears, and rations are nice, but they don’t make themselves.

Metal Gear Survive builds on the mechanics of MGS V in both a single player and co-op campaign. We have added the announcement trailer (bottom) and a gameplay trailer (top) to demonstrate the gameplay and concept, but the only videos are from last year.

Hopefully, we will see more of this game next week at Paris Games Week.

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