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Metal Gear Survive’s Single Player Gameplay is Even More Tactical Than Normal

Metal Gear Survive is taking the series in some different directions, and IGN has about five minutes of the single player action for you to examine. After being sucked into another dimension, you are fighting zombies, crafting, and building a base. It’s like someone took MGS V and mixed it with The Last of Us. It’s releasing soon, so you can decide if that’s your peanut butter and chocolate.

What we can see in the video is confusing, so we know its Metal Gear Solid. After some cutscenes, you get down to business. At first, we see the player sneaking through some claustrophobic areas to collect items. The bow and a sharpened staff seem to be the stealth weapons of choice. Eventually, we move outside to increasingly larger groups of enemies and what looks to be a tribute to the Dead Rising style of combat.

Crafting is necessary to survive these encounters. You can use all those collected goodies to create new guns, barriers, and automated turrets. Portals open to near-instantaneously create the items in the world. Not-Snake seems to run into trouble frequently, and the video shows the power of improvisation.

Finally, we see some base building. The layout and materials are your choice, as a mechanical voice warns you that your mistakes could be the difference between life and death. The zombies with glowing crystals for heads already drove that point home, but, sure, throw your two cents in too.

Metal Gear Survive is very different than a mainline MGS, but it feels like a natural extension of some of the mechanics from MGS V. The idea of an alternate reality, within a game based in an alternate reality, seems pretty normal (perhaps even boring?) for Metal Gear. With a February 20th release date, we will be stealth killing and base building in no time.

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