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Metro: Exodus Will Be Playable at EGX 2018, First Appearance on British Soil

The organisers of EGX 2018 are beginning to publish a list of the games that will be making an appearance this year. And although the majority, so far, appear to be undiscovered gems, they have today announced their first big hitter.

Metro: Exodus is making an exodus of its own to the UK’s second city of Birmingham where it will be available to play on the show floor. This will be the first time that the third installment has graced our shores, and offers fans a great opportunity to see if the charm of the first two has been preserved.

For our readers who may be oblivious to this exhibition, EGX is the UK’s biggest gaming event, akin to E3 without the air miles requirement. Taking place at the NEC, the show is divided between games to partake, esports to “spectate”, and developers to interrogate. Not to mention the post-hours party…

Day tickets are still available for all four days, should Metro prove enough of an attraction, with the event running between September 20th and September 23rd. Further information can be found over on the official website.

Metro: Exodus on the other hand is due out on February 22nd 2019. It promises to expand on the success of the past through dynamic weather systems, a day/night cycle and new post-apocalyptic horrors. We for one can’t wait… to scream our little gas masks off!

Are you ready to battle for survival again? Talk Russian to us in the comments box below. 


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