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Middle Earth: Shadow of War Officially Announced, Out August

Warner Bros. has officially announced that Middle Earth: Shadow of War, sequel to Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, will be released in August. *fist pump*

For those out of the know, Shadow of Mordor could be described as a Lord of the Rings reskin of Assassin’s Creed; a third person action-adventure game, with a well versed story and a world rich in detail. It gained a horde of fans for its enjoyable gameplay and proved itself to be a fresh take on a well-worn genre.

Talion and Celebrimbor return as the main characters, as you venture out in your quest with a new Ring of Power to unite Mordor against the forces of Sauron. This time around the world will also dynamically react to your actions and not only the Orcish officers who were created by the game following clashes with Talion. The Nemesis system has also been expanded.

Unfortunately we must make do with just the launch trailer for now. But worry not fellow shadowers, Warner Bros. has promised a gameplay reveal on March 8th. That synonymous March 8th.

We do like the short waiting time until release, though: August 22nd for North America and August 25th for Europe.


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