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MilitAnt Delayed Slightly on PS4 in UK/Europe, North American Release Date Unchanged

Xibalba Studios’ upcoming side-scrolling action game MilitAnt for PS4 has been delayed ever so slightly. The studio announced today that while the North American release date is still going to be July 12th on PS4, the European release date has moved by a couple of days.

Instead of releasing on its previously announced date, MilitAnt will not invade European PS4s this July 14th. It’s not a massive delay but it’s better to know than not to; you wouldn’t want to be sat waiting all day for the store to update for no reason now, would you?

The studio has also clarified that the PS Vita and PlayStation 3 versions of the game are still on track and a release date will be revealed at a later date. And of course, MilitAnt will by a Cross-Buy and Cross-Save compatible game. Lovely stuff indeed.

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Xilbaba Studios Press Release

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