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Monster Hunter Beta Starts Dec 9th

You might have been looking for this week’s free trial or beta to start today, but this week is a little different. Starting at 9:00 AM PST (2:00 PM GMT) on December 9th and ending at 8:59 AM PST (1:59 PM GMT), you will be able to put your hunting skills to the test in the first Monster Hunter to have a worldwide launch.

The beta will include three quests on two different maps. The Ancient Forest and Wildspire Wastes will be about as different ecosystems as you could imagine, filled with plants and animals that will interact in the environment. There will also be one large monster in each area for you to stalk for an extra challenge.

All 14 types of weapons from the full game will be available for your character to try in the demo. If you are new to the franchise, give the dual blades or long sword a try. Every weapon lends itself to a different strategy, but these are faster than the others.

When playing in multiplayer co-op, everyone in the beta will look roughly similar. The full game has a character creator for a little variety, but the beta will only offer a few fixed designs. Your mom still thinks you are unique, so that’s OK.

Monster Hunter is one of those games that seems to have a dedicated fanbase. To see why, you can pre-load the beta starting tomorrow and start collecting bounties starting Saturday.


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