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Monster Hunter: World Livestream Planned For Next Week, Set to Spill Spring Secrets

Capcom has announced a special livestream for next week, which looks set to reveal what is next for the runaway hit that is Monster Hunter: World. We have been promised additional monsters at certain intervals following its release. But a whole livestream dedicated to the game suggests there are a few more extras in the pipeline.

Obviously there is little else to say as it is yet to happen. And unfortunately our all-telling crystal ball is a tad clouded. However, we do know that the upcoming spring update will be addressed.

That’s the good news, now for the sticking point: the whole event will be taking place in Japanese so if you don’t know the lingo you’d better get your phrasebooks open on to its Monster Hunter: World page. And if all else fails, there’s always good old Google.

The livestream is scheduled for March 14th. So put it in your diary and check back with Pure PlayStation to find out what Capcom has planned.

Are you still taking on those major beasties in Monster Hunter: World? Swing your sword in the comments below. 

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