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Mortal Blitz Update 1.02 Brings PS4 Pro Support and Improved PSVR Tracking

There’s a new update available for the first-person PSVR shooter Mortal Blitz, and it’s a decent one, too.

We’re not just looking at the usual “stability” or “general fixes” update with Mortal Blitz 1.02, but instead we’re seeing a massive improvement in image quality for PS4 Pro players, as well as near-perfect tracking for all PSVR users.

The patch notes only note that the update brings better graphics for the PS4 Pro, but we’ve also noticed that the tracking of the PS Move wands has been substantially improved, though we’re left wondering why it wasn’t mentioned in the patch notes.

If you’ve no idea what Mortal Blitz is, check out Pure PlayStation’s review through here.


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