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My Name is Mayo Arguably Has the Easiest Platinum Trophy

We here at Pure PlayStation were befuddled at My Name is Mayo releasing on the PlayStation Store yesterday. Just check out the trailer for the game above to get a sense of our confusion. Well after the public had its way violently clicking on a mayo jar, it was discovered that the game has a lot of trophies and someone can achieve the platinum one incredibly easy. The price point of $.99 also doesn’t hurt your wallet. In total there are 51¬†trophies and all of them deal with clicking on the mayo jar a certain amount of times. Not only that, but reports are putting people earning all of them from twenty to sixty minutes. Yes, you read that right…minutes.

You can check out a trophy road map to My Name is Mayo here but it’s hardly necessary. You’re welcome in advanced all trophy hunters. As not only is this a low-cost game with a ton of trophies, but it’s slightly more dignifying than earning a platinum in Hannah Montana: The Movie back on the PlayStation 3.



  1. medman 10th November 2016
  2. Kyle Durant 11th November 2016

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