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Mysterious Elite Dangerous Patch 1.13 Released

We turned on our PS4 today to see Patch 1.13 (2.4.09 for other systems) downloading. The patch seemed a lot bigger than normal. Since new patches could mean new content, we ran to the forums to discover our new gift. For now, no one has a handle on what it could be beyond the usual, but Frontier is being a little secretive on this one.

The initial post from Senior Community Manager, Edward Lewis, states, “The update contains a number of big fixes.” Considering he declined to mention the specific bugs that were squashed, that seems cryptic. Frontier is normally more open about the changes it makes.

Others on the forum thought so too. Responding to a post asking if patch notes were forthcoming, he replied, “Currently not. There are some small behind the scenes improvements that will be unnoticeable and some tweaks to purchasable cosmetics that weren’t working quite as intended.”

The rest of the forum posts are users complaining or speculating. We tend to see speculation as the more useful of useless activities. Did Frontier choose to make some crafty updates for users to find on accident? They broadcast an update on Thursdays. Are they prepping for a big announcement tomorrow?

Our optimistic side thinks there is content related to patch 2.4 that will make its appearance before Christmas. Please give us your best guess in the comments as to what the mysterious patch 1.13 was doing and why Frontier is being so coy.


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