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Nab a Free Life is Strange PS4 Theme Off the PlayStation Store

Looking to spruce up your otherwise un-spruced PS4 homescreen? Sick and tired of the slightly perverted anime background you’ve been rocking since Christmas? Sick and tired of reading this?

Fine, we’ll make it quick: If you head your little head over to the North American PlayStation Store you’ll find that there’s a free theme to download for your PS4. It’s a freebie from Square Enix and its based on the Life is Strange episodic series. It’s a good game, so it stands to reason that the theme would be equally good, though it’s probably not.

We’ve no idea why the theme is free and how long it will be free for, all we know is that it exists and that you don’t have to pay for it.

We also know our manners, so we’d like to thank ItsJustEmman for the tip. Cheers, old boy. Oh, link to the theme is here. Enjoy.

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