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New Battlefield is Called ‘Battlefield 1’ and It’s Releasing This October

Well, EA won’t be too pleased but we’re not too bothered about the whims EA’s chiefs and marketing buffs. The reason behind EA’s marketing woes is that its new Battlefield game has already been leaked before EA has had the chance to officially unveil it.

Some pretty authentic-looking promotional material has surfaced online for the new shooter in the popular franchise, though the naming leaves something to be desired. The new Battlefield will be called ‘Battlefield 1’ and will be set during World War 1, though we’re not sure if it’s going to follow the real-life version of events or if there’s a twist of sorts.


The new promo material that’s leaked online gives us a look at some dude with an old-timey pistol and a bad-ass cape. Oh, and there’s the standard orange/blue colour range that one can expect from the Battlefield franchise. There’s also the release date of the game attached to the promo-pictures. According to the leaked images, we’ll be playing Battlefield 1 on October 18th of this year.

EA is set to officially unveil Battlefield 1 later on today but at this point, it’s all just a formality – though we’ll probably get to see a new trailer of sorts.

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