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New Dead Man DLC Coming to Arizona Sunshine Next Week

Arizona Sunshine will be receiving some new DLC next week. The largest level in the series will be a prequel DLC as seen through the eyes of a soldier. Your mission is to fight through the zombie hordes and fire a missile from a silo with claustrophobic corridors. The goal is to save humankind, but, since the zombies are still around, the story may not end well.

The Dead Man DLC is new and improved. There are technical improvements in the DLC with a new level-of-detail system. The places where the player looks have more detail. Obviously, the developer didn’t want to get into the technical weeds. He just let everyone know that the DLC will run as smoothly as the original game and keep you immersed in the action.

Arizona Sunshine’s Dead Man DLC can be played solo or co-op. With the dark corridors and hungry zombies, you might need a friend at the end of the world. The DLC drops on August 14th, so you only have a few days left to be social.


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