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New Hitman Content Reveal Coming This Month (It’s Not Hitman: Season 2)

IO Interactive has announced today that we’ll be getting more Hitman content and that the reveal will be taking place later this month. So, yeah, this is an announcement of an announcement. Well, that’s one way to drum up a bit of interest, right?

The now-indie developer will reveal the new content for Hitman on October 24th, 2PM CEST, 1PM GMT. What will the reveal entail? We have not got a single clue. However, we do know that it won’t be anything related to Hitman: Season 2. IO Interactive has made it clear on its official website that the reveal won’t be Hitman: Season 2 and that players should keep their expectations in check.

Looking Ahead: Save The Date!

Mark this date on your calendars: October 24th. That’s the date when we will reveal brand new content for the game.

We’re going to let the announcement itself do all the talking, but there is one thing we want to clarify before then; this upcoming content is not “Season 2”. We’re saying that now to keep expectations in check.

So, save the date, let’s hope it doesn’t leak and we’ll see you there!

Our guess is that we’ll be getting a new episode for Hitman: Season 1, though in reality it could be anything. Hey, perhaps it’s somtehing Halloween related, given the proximity of the reveal to the ghoulish holiday.

What do you think will be announced? A new mission? New contracts? A new playable character? No, that would be blasphemy. Let us know down in the comments section down below.


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