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New No Man’s Sky Update in Development, Hello Labs Announced

Sean Murray, founder of Hello Games, has announced during his GDC 2017 Presentation that he is currently working on a new update for No Man’s Sky.

Although Murray didn’t expand on the comment, he did mention that the team are still attempting to improve the game’s procedural generation of terrain.

Murray also informed listeners that during their pre-launch testing, the studio had expected a total of 14,000 launch day players, a significant underestimation of the actual 250,000 achieved on PS4 (joined by an equal number of PC gamers). This sheer volume of users, playing simultaneously, resulted in 500 million discoveries being uploaded to the servers; a monstrous task watched over by a single member of the team. And as Murray admits, it was beyond the small-scale developer’s handling capability.

In total, 1% reported crash dump data.

Although no recent estimation of player numbers was given, the foundation update released last year has received one million downloads.

Lastly, he announced the founding of Hello Labs, which will support and fund a couple of procedural generation projects; one is currently in development.


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