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New PS Plus Subscribers Can Bag Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Edition for Free

Have you got a PS4? Have you got a subscription to PS Plus? If you answered the first question with a ‘yes’ and the second with a ‘no’, you’re in for a nice little treat.

Sony is running a promotion from today until the end of June whereby new PS Plus members can bag themselves a free digital copy of Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Edition, so long as you purchase a 12-month subscription.

Unfortunately, this is no good to anyone who already has a PS Plus membership, or has had one in the past and has let it lapse. Seems a little unfair, doesn’t it? We won’t moan though as we can see the business behind it. Offer a great freebie in order to get people hooked on the PS Plus membership. A little like when you get a free sample of met – er, we’ll just leave it there.

Will you be taking Sony up on this offer, or are you one of the many who won’t be eligible? Try not to cause a riot down in the comments section below.


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