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New The Division Open Beta Trailer

The Division’s open beta is set to kick off on PS4 on the 19th of February and will last up until the 21st. To celebrate the date drawing near Ubisoft has released a new open beta trailer for the game. There’s lots of shooting, fire and people climbing over things, but the big deal here is it shows off a new mission, which is apparently an ‘exclusive open beta mission’. Unfortunately we can’t point out which part of the trailer shows off the exclusive mission because we didn’t get a chance to play the previous beta, so it all looks much the same to us. However, we are planning to jump into the open beta, so be sure to check out our thoughts on that. Otherwise the only other real talking point is that the trailer is really trying to drive home the point that you can play alone or as a part of a team. The trailer is right below, enjoy it.


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