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Next Up Hero Looks to Itch Your Twin Stick Scratch

Digital Continue has announced the name of their first original release; Next up Hero will be a community-based twin-stick shooter where death is nothing to be embarrassed about. Finally, a game we can succeed in!

The studio is the new venture of 5th Cell (aka Scribblenauts) boss Joe Tringali. Gameplay will centre around difficult levels and enemies, which give players little sympathy or hand-holding. You will die. A lot. But it’s not all bad news. Every death results in an echo being left, which can then be revived by the next hero or player and will tag along as an AI stalker. We mean follower.

These “roadies” are not as strong as gifted as their leader in the brain or skill department, but they do make progression easier. And the number of Echoes waiting for the kiss of life will increase as more people play in a shared session. This cooperative and group play style was something Digital Continue were eager to develop after childhood memories of sharing the joystick with friends. 

Next Up Hero is due to release sometime in 2018. For now we must make do with the above trailer and this pwetty screenshot. Are you tempted? Let us know 🙂

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