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Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom Delayed Until Next Year

We would be really surprised if this was the last game to make the jump to 2018, but Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom will not be launching this year. Originally scheduled to warm even the coldest of hearts on November 10th, you will now have to wait until January 19th for your game that looks like a Studio Ghibli film.

The CEO of Level-5 Inc., Akihiro Hino, actually put out a video on YouTube explaining why the delay had to occur. Amid multiple apologies, he said,

“We have decided that more development time is required in order to deliver the full Ni no Kuni II experience to our fans. I deeply apologise to those who have been looking forward to the game’s release. Please rest assured, however, that we will continue to strive to provide a deep and satisfying single player experience that our fans can look forward to enjoying.”

If that was not enough of a punch to the gut, he also said there will be no multiplayer content. He misunderstood a question in the E3 interview, and he meant that they would announce in-game events online.

It was not all bad news. He finished up to say the game had won a lot of awards at E3, and they look forward to making a solid game for everyone.

We think a company bigwig coming out to personally announce the delay makes Akihiro Hino a classy guy. Delays happen, and it is a part of the development cycle. We still wish more CEOs would come out to announce the delay and reassure us the game will be more incredible than a winning lottery ticket in a basket full of kittens on top the ark of the covenant when we finally play it. That may be a stretch, but this will make a nice game for January.

Do you like heads of companies coming out publicly with the announcement, or are you perfectly content with a quick press release? Let us know in the comments your preferences for receiving the bad news of delays.

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