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Nioh Update 1.03 Gives You More Rewards

Team Ninja has taken to Twitter to announce the latest update for Nioh. Update 1.03 is a baby at 32mb (yes, megabyte) and aims on rectifying the sub-mission bugs that have made some completely impossible.

In addition to the following changes, various other bugs have been addressed despite being unmentioned.

Balance Changes

  • Increased rewards for the random encounter
  • Added forging item for trade at hidden tea house
  • Adjusted Amrita regeneration from extraction talisman while using living weapon
  • Adjusted paralysis effect of medusa power

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented completing the following sub-missions: The Magatama of Fire, A Fiercer Fla
  • Fixed a bug which caused emotion tutorial window to remain throughout the Daizaifu main missi
  • Fixed a bug that prevented unlocking the title “Saika Magoichi crusher”
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