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No Man’s Sky’s UK Release Date Now Matches The Rest Of Europe’s

Last week we all thought we’d have No Man’s Sky in our hands this June. Then, much to our disappointment, Hello Games informed us that the game’s release was being pushed back to August 9th in the USA, August 10th in Europe and August 12th in the UK. Gamers in the UK quickly took to the internet to express their anger at having to wait two more days than the rest of Europe. Well it looks like the hoards of screaming fans have gotten their way and No Man’s Sky will now release on August 10th in the UK to coincide with the game’s release date in the rest of Europe. PlayStation UK released the following on their Twitter account:

There you have it, No Man’s Sky is almost getting a uniform worldwide release with the USA getting the game just a day before everyone else. For the uninitiated (who have apparently spent the last two years away from the internet and have somehow managed to stumble upon this article) No Man’s Sky is an upcoming game about travelling through space. Players will begin the game on a random planet which they can explore to their heart’s content. When they wish to leave they can simply hop into their spaceship and fly away. You’ll be able to land on any planet you see and if you’re the first player in the world to land there you get to name it. If you come across any weird animals while there you get to name that species too. If exploring planets isn’t your thing then you could always stay in your spaceship and attack other players or convoys.

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