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No, Sony is Not Buying Spider-Man Developer Insomniac

There’s an image doing the rounds on the internet today that suggest Insomniac Games will soon be bought by Sony and made into a 1st party development studio. The proof? An image that’s being spread via forums, Reddit, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Discord.

The image, which is down below, shows Insomniac Games listed among Sony’s studios, implying that an announcement would be made soon and that the announcement would be made soon. That’s not the case, however, as it is clearly a bad photoshop job by some wishful fan. It also shows that Gen Design, the studio behind The Last Guardian, as a first-party studio; Gen Design was created by Fumito Ueda after he left Sony, though the independent developer was under contract to develop and release The Last Guardian.

The lesson here? Don’t believe every image you see on the internet. Especially the one of me in a mankini. It’s all fake. I promise.


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