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Norman Reedus is Knocked Up in Death Stranding

Have you watched anything confusing today? The Death Stranding trailer from the Game Awards is here to remedy that. In almost 8 minutes of video from the game, we see a CG trailer that shows characters, including a shirtless Reedus, who are being attacked by an unknown enemy.

The trailer doesn’t explain why Reedus and friends are there or why they are being attacked. Their assailants leave hand prints on the ground and can absorb people and a vehicle into the ground.

There is a lot in the trailer that is purposely obscured and shown without context. However, the biggest surprise is that there is a baby inside Norman Reedus’ character. It’s open to interpretation, but the baby may be giving us the thumbs up sign. At the end, even Reedus said he would have to go online to understand what he saw.

Death Stranding is the next game from Hideo Kojima after his unpleasant departure from Konami and the Metal Gear series. Fans can relax. His style has not changed, and, this game may have plenty of la-li-lu-le-lo unique moments of strangeness. Maybe we will finally see the full Kojima effect without any limits.

Does that excite or terrify you?

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