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Official PlayStation Coloring Book For Sale; No We’re Not Kidding

Art For The Players is a coloring book specially designed around the PlayStation universe. You’ll be able to color some of the best loved games on the system from Wipeout and Lemmings to God of War, Journey, Uncharted and Tearaway. The project is being helmed by Kings Road Publishing and you can purchase the book here from Amazon. It’s less than ten euros so the experience for all you artists/gamers out there is definitely affordable. It will also keep you busy for awhile as it has ninety six pages worth of coloring. You can check out a few sample pages as well as the cover below.

Kyle lives and breathes PlayStation. Ever since the Crash Bandicoot days of old to the *insert current popular game here* of new. If you want a useless factoid about any PlayStation game, Kyle will gleefully provide.
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