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One Of This Month’s PS Plus Games Is Missing

On the first Tuesday of every month the Pure PlayStation Tower goes into full lockdown so the crew can take some time out and grab up their fresh new PS Plus bounty. However, disaster has struck! We logged into the PS Store and we clicked add to library on Helldivers, Nova-111, Nom Nom Galaxy, Persona 4 Arena Ultimax and GRID Autosport. Then we sat down for some coffee and Helldivers when we realised that we only got five of this months games.

Naturally we shrugged it off, went back to the PS Store just assuming we missed one, but we were right – there was just five games. We had to think long and hard about which game was missing, but then came to the conclusion that it was Lemmings Touch for the Vita.

We’re sure Sony will be on this ASAP, but in the meantime you’ll only be able to get five of your six monthly games. Here’s two screenshots just in case you need proof.

Screenshot_2016-02-02-11-54-38 Screenshot_2016-02-02-11-54-43

Conor is Pure PlayStation’s resident Irishman. Naturally that means he’s constantly slurring his words and turning up stinking of Guiness with a potato in his pocket. It’s not all bad though, because Conor is also a PlayStation nut. When he’s not doing his best Father Jack impression (Father Ted, watch it) he’s got a DualShock 4 in his hand and a Vita in the other. Yeah, we don’t know how he manages it either.

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