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Orcs Tell How Talion Changed Their Lives in Middle-earth: Shadow of War

We know a little something about the world. You meet someone special, and your whole life turns upside down. Your heart skips a beat in that magical encounter. Normally, limbs are not hacked away as you try to kill each other and the spirit of a long-dead elf lord does not force you to obey as a man with a long sword rubs his hand on your face, but love is love, we guess.

The latest trailer for Middle-earth: Shadow of War features some orcs who had a run-in with Talion. He branded them, and now they serve the Bright Lord instead of Sauron. Some of them even see it as a great career move with plenty of opportunities for advancement. Orcs probably just want their parents to be proud too.

The trailer shows that each encounter can lead to an orc supporting you as a follower or holding a grudge against you as an enemy as the fun Nemesis system makes its return.

We look forward to aggressively recruiting more orc middle managers when Middle-earth: Shadow of War hits consoles on October 10th.

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